Our approach


We customize our service and find an individual approach for each company. Our goal is to provide businesses with a simple solution for entering new markets, increase their brand awareness and have a sustainable source of income by selling on Amazon.

We take care of a comprehensive range of activities. Our unique offer is creating relevant marketing strategies which will foster a connection between your brand and potential customers on Amazon in the long-term.


We research your products, brand and competition on Amazon within your niche, as well as listen to your opinion and expectations from selling on Amazon. Then we make an entry strategy and take care of complicated operations to get started.

  • Market and Competition research


Based on the data we gather from different tools, we build outstanding and SEO-optimized listings for your products. We attract qualified reviews and work on the brand pages - so customers can be more confident and informed when purchasing your products on Amazon. Some of the services provided include:

  • Creation and set up of the Amazon account
  • Content creation and product listing
  • VAT registration
  • Set up of listings in all EU marketplaces (DE, IT, FR, ES & UK )
  • Create a long-term strategy


We optimize Amazon PPC ads and explore keywords which have highest conversion rate for your products and brand. Our goal is to keep your advertising cost of sales (ACoS) as low as possible and rank organic. We also look for potential external traffic, such as SoMe, influencers, Google Ads etc. The services provided include:

  • SEO optimization
  • Design of the Brand page on Amazon
  • Advertising (PPC) campaigns


We inform you about your performance on Amazon by creating clear and understandable reports. We notify you on time when to fulfill your Amazon inventory. We also run A/B testings to see the potential ways to scale up your Amazon business and increase profit. Therefore, we will inform you via:

  • Monthly reports
  • FBA logistic solution (inventory control)