Start SElling on Amazon

I do not sell on Amazon yet (but I am about to start)

Your company decided that Amazon is the perfect sales channel to increase your online sales ?

Good! It is time to start with the right approach, entrusting us the creation and optimisation of your Amazon Seller account. In 1 to 3 months you will have an Amazon account ready to sell!

AMAZON Seller Central

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central is the platform which allows to manage all the operations in one place, from logistics till marketing.

In order to successfully register and set up Amazon Seller Central account, companies should be aware of many technical issues.

We have been working with different accounts and products for many years, and with the experience gained, we can be confident that all the unfavourable issues will be avoided.

Invoice setting, payments, product catalog are some of the technicalities that can create a fatal error and impact the status of your Amazon seller account if doing it wrong.

With INNELS you will have an Amazon seller account in 1 to 3 month ready to generate revenue internationally!

Which Activities are included?

I. Creation and setup of your amazon Seller account

II. Creation of product catalog and optimization of product listings

III. Setup of dsicounts and first Amazon PPC campaign

IV. Brand strategies (creating landing page for brand)

I. Setup account and FBA logistic, inserting Products

The procedure of creating and configuring the Amazon seller account can lead to multiple wasted working hours if not implemented following the right rules of the platform.

Pitfalls can appear during the creation of the catalog and while you manage FBA logistic, which in turn makes you lose time and might even be an additional cost.

With INNELS you will have:

  • A 100% configured Amazon Seller account.
  • All your products uploaded in the right category and with fully completed listings.
  • You will have the shipping plan and guidelines of each step of the logistics

II. products listing Optimization

On Amazon you can find millions of products, how can your product beat the competition?

With an optimized product listing that shows up in the customer search and that will be converted in sale!

  • Market research on Amazon of the competitiveness of your product category.
  • Writing of persuasive text that aims at highlighting the product functionalities and "why" to buy this product.
  • Constant optimization of keywords for the Amazon SEO.

III. Amazon ppc and discounts

Promote your products on Amazon with the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns

You can reach Amazon users that are actively searching your product category, therefore increasing sales and revenue!

  • Planning of your advertising strategy on Amazon.
  • Keyword and budget optimization to increase visibility of products with high ROI.
  • Creation of offers and discounts to generate first sales and raise brand awareness.

IV. Brand Store

If you have a registered trademark we can boost your brand awareness by:

  • Your own landing page on Amazon.
  • Introduce your company values through more control over the content on Amazon.
  • Decide on the customer journey on Amazon by creating multiple pages and dividing the story into pieces for a better conversions.