Check your potential


Is Amazon the right sales channel for you? In case you don't know if Amazon is the right choice for you, we can help you figure that out with our potential check plan.

In order to give the best understanding of what is the market value for your business, we are using experienced Amazon marketing researchers who have an experience in market analysis and sales forecast.

We have been testing almost all 3rd party tools when it comes to Amazon research, so right now we are confident in the information we provide knowing most reliable data providers

This is what the Plan includes:

  • Detail market analysis with Amazon business opportunities for your product.
  • A strategic road map of the activities to implement to sell on Amazon.
  • Instructions for a well optimized Amazon seller account.

What do you obtain with Amazon "Potential Check"?

Market Analysis: Competitors & Keywords

Product listing Analysis: Title, description, foto

Lay out of strategic road map

1 hour of consulting & answering all your questions

Market Analysis on AMazon

On Amazon you are never alone, thousand of products are competing against your products.

Thanks to Potential check you have an answer to:

  • Which are your direct competitors?
  • Which are your indirect competitors?
  • What is the positioning of your competitors? Which price range?
  • What are the best keywords in your market?
  • In which Amazon marketplace (De, Uk, It) you can succeed the most?

Product listing analysis

Product listing are your shop window on Amazon, if you fail here you are penalized.

We will analyze points like:

  • are your photos optimized for Amazon?
  • Are text, description and bullet points well written?
  • Are there products with a critical level of reviews?
  • How many visits do the products get? What about conversion rate?

Your strategic road map

We will write a strategic road map that you can apply to your Amazon Seller account.

  • specific activities to implement to increase sales.
  • Inspiration from successful sellers on Amazon.
  • 1 hour of Consulting to analyze your plan and resolve your doubts.