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I do not sell on Amazon yet, but I would like to start.

I already sell on Amazon, but I would like to increase my sales.

I am not sure if Amazon is the right thing for my company.


Have you ever thought of making a positive impact for your company in the digital world? Have you ever considered reaching millions of potential customers and help your company expand and grow internationally?


In today's e-commerce environment having a great product is important, however there is more you can do for to improve your business strategy. The E-commerce industry is changing rapidly, big marketplaces like Amazon are taking over traditional ways of selling online, like web shops.


Today, it is important keep the pace of increasing change and foster your business with the best tools and sales channels available in the market. Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform that allows you and your company to internationalise your products with the minimum efforts by providing ready-to-buy customers and taking care of your inventory.

New customers

Don't limit your way of doing business by missing an opportunities from presence on the marketplace like Amazon. Only in Europe there are more than 185 million active buyers who spend more than more than €285 billion on Amazon annually!


We have a great expertise when it comes to on boarding new brand and products on Amazon. At INNELS, we help companies to set up Amazon store and have a strategic implementation of different actions which creates stable sales channel for enterprises. We want to be your partners, where our interest is to make Amazon work for your business!

Want to know more?

They say best defense is a good offense. Contact us today and we will explain how Amazon works and what we offer. We will provide an estimation of the possible sales that you can reach on Amazon. Prioritize your international strategy and test your product in foreign markets, with us on your side!

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