Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Being an Amazon seller is a great option to gain brand awareness abroad. But sometimes, selling on Amazon, like anywhere else, can lead to potential counterfeiters who can sell a fake version of your product. It can damage your sales as well as the reputation of your brand on Amazon. Therefore, it is recommended for all brands to register for Brand Registry. Let's start with going more in-depth on what is Brand Registry on Amazon.

What is Brand Registry on Amazon?

Amazon Brand Registry helps sellers protect their intellectual property and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers. It gives brand owners additional proactive brand protections. Amazon using information that owners provide about their brands to implement additional predictive protections. It is done by identifying and removing potentially bad or fake listings on Amazon.

Moreover, Amazon provides brand owners with tools to search and report potential infringements that can be listed on any Amazon website and report them. It can be done by image search, search by the product listing or by searching for similar content.

Besides that, Brands receive tons of opportunities over the photos, videos, and other information about their brand on Amazon’s detail pages. So, customers can be more confident and informed purchasing on Amazon. Two of the most effective tools on Amazon for representing your brand are creating Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and Brand Store Pages.

Creating Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for your product listings

Only Brand Registered users are allowed to create an EBC - the premium content feature. It helps to present the unique value proposition of the products through enhanced images and text placements.

Rather than just text in the description, Amazon will give you various templates which you will be able to fill in manually:

Filling in the content, it is essential to think about context and the value proposition that you want to deliver. EBC content is not something a customer sees straight away after clicking on your product. First, customer sees your listings images, read title and bullet points (main content of the product page. Then, when buyer has some knowledge about your product, he/she scrolls down to see more information.

So this is a great opportunity to come up with the storytelling and go in depth describing the product features and benefits. Here is an example of how EBC can look like -

Create your own Brand Store

The same as EBC, Brand Store can be created by choosing and filling in Amazon templates. The biggest difference is that Brand Store is a separate page. It represents your brand and have a unique amazon URL, like . .

Brand Store allows Sellers to create even more customized pages than EBC, showcasing your products or even placing videos. It is basically like creating your own e-commerce website on Amazon. Here is a great example -

Brand Store on Amazon is a great opportunity to run your traffic to, rather that it is PPC campaigns on Amazon, or even if it is Google or Facebook Ads.

More than that, Amazon Brand Store future allows you to view insights of your store and see statistics such as amount of daily visitors, views, sales per visitor, where the traffic comes from and much more.

More likely to get the buy box

The Buy Box refers to the white box on the right side of the Amazon product listing detail page, where customers can add items for purchase to their cart. Not all sellers are eligible to win the Buy Box.

Buy Box, is a significant part of selling on Amazon, as 82% of sales go through the Buy Box, and the percentage is even higher for mobile purchases.

Amazon balances time of Buy Box between different products, giving the chance for everyone.

And there are many factors which influence the amount of time your product will get a Buy Box button, but one thing is clear - being registered for Brand Registry gives you more chance for having it.

Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 Updated

Amazon’s Brand Registry was revamped in 2017 to provide an even more trustworthy and secure service for brand owners. Since the update, all the brand owners should have a registered trademark in order to be Brand registered.

With this update, new scan tools were presented in order to scan and identify potential counterfeiters, being able to report them and set Amazon team eyes on that fast. Additionally, there is a dedicated internal team - which escalate cases much quicker and monitor listing issues.

Also, update came with the new content features for sellers and possibility to find agents who can access the Brand Registry tool.

How to register for the Brand Registry?

The exact requirements to enter Brand Registry differs by country, but all of them require to have:

• Website - which represents your brand and includes the contact information on the website footer.

• Pictures of your products having a logo on it.

• You product identifier - EAN/UPC or any other barcode number which identifies your products.

• Additional information about your sales - this one is not so important, but you still need to inform Amazon of where else you are selling your products

• Registered trademark

In most the cases, you can be approved in 24 hours after sending your applications. And the main thing - it is absolutely free of charge, with the professional seller account.

The good thing about Brand Registry is that Amazon will improve this programme in the future, or might come up with the new features for the brand owners.

But, if you have recently started your business, we recommend to apply for a trademark, and be able to register for the Brand Registry.

Let us know what you think about the benefits of Brand Registry, and if you would apply for it?