Amazon is taking e-commerce market share in Europe.

Amazon is taking e-commerce market share within Europe

After dominating the US e-commerce landscape, Amazon started putting lots of effort to succeed in international markets. Nowadays their presence in Europe is becoming more and more unmerciful regarding other e-commerce stores within Europe, with the perspective to enter new markets constantly and conquer a massive part of e-commerce market shares.

How Amazon influences European e-commerce market?

How real is the Amazon effect? Should European retailers get ready and how? Back in the day, it all started in 1998 when Amazon expanded to UK and Germany markets. France followed in 2000. After 10 years, in 2010, Amazon launched in Italy, as well as in 2011, Spain became the latest country in Europe where Amazon hosts a specialized e-commerce website.

The retailer has also launched in the Netherlands, but that website has a difference from the rest being used only for selling e-books and Kindle e-reader.

So, what actually can be called "Amazon effect"?

The meaning of this can vary depending on the industry we talk about. In general that describes the case when many stores face when they compete with Amazon. The online retailer's wide range of selection, fast shipping, low prices, free returns and "Prime" service - all of these tend to create high customer expectations for any retailer who wants to compete with Amazon.

Will it cause the destruction of competition? Well, it depends. Studies show that Amazon's success has caused some of the business closures, but at the same time, dozen of companies have tackled the Amazon effect creatively to compete for customers. Amazon Effect is a good reason the retail environment is in flux.

Is Amazon coming to Denmark?

As soon as Danish e-commerce market got rumours that Amazon is planning to come to Denmark, it was massively covered by the press and the media, as well as, alerted all webshop owners within the country.

History shows that all European markets where Amazon has established its large e-commerce platform, ended up in a situation when one huge e-commerce player starts dominating instantly. Amazon puts heavily on it all because they have the muscles to outperform everything and everyone on both price and delivery.